(S)milestones project

Why did I do this project?

When the corona pandemic started in 2019, and everyone had to stay at home, there were many people (regardless of their age) who were lonely and sad.

With this project, I wanted to put a smile on people’s faces and thus bring back courage.

I distributed the brightly painted stones on our trail and thought that the people passing by would be happy about them. The next day all the stones were gone, which initially surprised me but also made me happy.

People liked the stones!

So I decided to repeat this project from time to time. One day I hadn’t even distributed all the stones when I met a family with 2 small children who proudly held some of my stones in their hands. That made me incredibly happy.

I also got a lot of positive feedback on my Instagram. (kuehne_art_projects)

Sometimes it’s just small and inconspicuous actions that make the world a little more beautiful …

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